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DBS 60-3 Moisture analyzer KERN


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Moisture Analyzer, KERN-Germany
Model:  DBS 60-3
Technical Specifications
Readout (d)
Weighing Range (Max)
Reproducibility, Weight of Sample 2g
Reproducibility, Weight of Sample 10g
Display After Drying
Moisture % – Moisture Content (M) from Wet Weight (W)
0 to 100%
Dry Content % = Dry Weight (D) from (W)
100% – 0%
ATRO [%] [(W-D) : D] . 100%
0 to 999%
Moisture Content [g] (M)
Absolute value in [g]
Temperature Range
50 – 200°C in steps of 1°C
Drying Modes
Standard Drying, Gradual Drying, Gentle Drying, Rapid Drying
Switch-Off Criteria
When the set time has expired (1min to 4 hours)
When the weight loss per unit is 157f
Measurement Display
Interval can be set from 1 sec to 10 minutes
(only when used with printer Kern YKB-01N or PC)
Overall Dimensions (W x D X H)
202 x 336 x 157mm
Net Weight
Approx 4.2kg

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