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SDC Verification Fabric – Colour Fastness/Physical/Piling/Snagging

SDC Enterprises have combined their extensive knowledge of fabric quality control, textile testing, dyeing and continuity of technical performance in test materials to develop a range of verification fabrics to improve the controls available to organisations involved in textile testing.

Use of these fabrics will provide a simple and effective way for laboratories, either test houses or manufacturers in-house facilities, to implement verification or control procedures for their testing. The verification of the consistency of lab results can be assessed, over time, or between labs, technicians and pieces of equipment. The range can also be a useful addition to the assessment and training of technicians, or they can be used as control fabrics to ensure test procedures are conducted correctly or equipment is performing as expected.

Product CodeTitleDescriptionTest Categories
2950Colour Fastness Verification FabricSuitable for: Washing, Dry Cleaning, Perspiration, Water, Rubbing & Light.Colour Fastness, Dimensional Stability, Physical
2955Physical Verification FabricSuitable for: Abrasion, Tensile, Tear, Seam Properties & Dimensional StabilityDimensional Stability, Physical
2960Pilling Verification FabricSuitable for: Pilling, Bursting & Dimensional StabilityDimensional Stability, Physical
2965Snagging Verification FabricSuitable for: Snagging, Bursting & Dimensional StabilityDimensional Stability, Physical


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